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Any high school student may submit independently or through their school. You may submit no more than five pieces of your work. You can submit at any time of the year. The closing date each year is 1 April (late-posted entries have until 1 May).

The easiest way to submit is to email your piece(s) in Times New Roman 12 pt to or use the form on the right. (Please don’t use other fonts or sizes, unless it is essential for the piece.) 

  • Remember to put your name and school after each piece, i.e. below it. (We don’t need to know your age or Grade.)
  • Publication is usually around mid-August each year.
  • We also invite students to submit artwork for consideration for the cover.
  • Email as a high-resolution 300 dpi jpg to or use the form on the right.

English Alive is not a competition: there are no cups or cheques handed out for ‘the best’ pieces of writing.

Publication is the acknowledgement of writing of quality.

A last cautionary note. Plagiarism is theft, theft of someone else’s words and ideas. No one would want to be guilty of that. Original thinking and original writing are so much more worthwhile!

  • Open to all high school students

  • Submit up to 5 pieces of your work

  • Closing date for entries of the current year is 01 April

  • Use 12PT Times New Roman Font

  • Remember to add your name and school

Further instructions.


Please follow this format:

  • In Review, click on Language, then set the proofing language as ‘English (South Africa)’; for older versions of Word, click the bottom-centre of your screen and set as ‘English (South Africa)’
  • Submit only as a Word.doc (no pdfs, no jpegs)
  • Use only Times New Roman 12 pt
  • Type the title flush-left in 12 pt and in bold (no underlining). Use u.c. initial letter and then l.c. for the rest
  • If it’s a poem that you want centred, then centre the title as well
  • Leave a 1-line space between title and body of piece
  • Then click Page Layout/Format and click Paragraph for the following:
    • On the left, set all at 0
    • On the right, for poems, set Special at (none); for prose, set First Line at 1 cm
    • For all pieces, set Line Spacing at Single
  • After your piece, leave a 1-line space
  • Type your name flush-left, followed by a comma
  • On the same line type your school (no Grade and no age)
  • Italicise both name and school
  • Do not ever use two character-spaces before new sentences – or anywhere
  • Avoid any underlining

You may want to do much fancier things typographically for your portfolio or your own personal poem-journal, with borders and curlicues, but the above is what suits us best.