2014 English Alive - English Alive
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2014 English Alive

Editor: Robin Malan

This is the annual edition for 2014, the forty-eighth edition, edited by Robin Malan, with assistant editors Jerome Damon, Elaine Davie and Sharon Sheldon.It features cover artwork by Christian Botha, Michaelhouse.


There are 63 pieces, in 80 pages.

It features the work of, among others, Ben Albertyn (Parel Vallei High School), Ty Bennett (St Cyprian’s School), Benedict Didcott-Marr (St John’s College) Dilkash Harryprasad (St John’s College), Helena Maertens (Cedar House School), Shakil Solanki (Cedar House School), James Sülter (St John’s College).


The back cover features this quotation:

So we drew patterns in the sand

until the cold stung our feet

and the sun had set

and our lungs ached from the sea air

and our sides hurt from laughing

and sand caked us from head to toe.

And I wrote about happiness.

from ‘My teacher asked me to write about happiness’

Helena Maertens, Cedar House School.


It contains news of these ex-English Alivers:

Jeremy Cronin (St Joseph’s College), Nadia Davids (St Cyprian’s School), Justin Fox (South African College High School), Amy Jephta (Muizenberg High School), Jon Keevy (Bishops Diocesan College), David Lan(Westerford High School), Robin Malan (assistant founding editor 1967–70, editor 1995–2014), Henrietta Rose-Innes (Westerford High School), Nicholas Spagnoletti (South African College High School), Mikhael Subotzky (Westerford High School).


Price: R60