2007 English Alive - English Alive
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2007 English Alive

Editor: Robin Malan

This is the annual edition for 2007, the forty-first edition, edited by Robin Malan with assistant editors Jerome Damon and Nokuthula Mazibuko. It features cover artwork by Amena Hayat (Wynberg Girls’ High School, Frank Joubert Art Centre). There are 66 pieces, in 80 pages.


It features the work of, among others, Lauren Appel (Norman Henshilwood High School), Alexei du Bois (South African College High School), Zwelisha Giampietri (Durban Girls’ High School), Sven Glietenberg (St John’s College), Errol Lai King (St John’s College)


The back cover features this quotation:


… She swallowed hard as she saw that the piece in her hand had a section of pink colouring, the same pink as her bathrobe. Sifting through the jumble she selected all the pink pieces and worked them into the picture. She knew what she would see, but it still came as a shock as she looked down to find herself bent over the table assembling the jigsaw.

Her heart now thumping in her chest, the pounding of the blood ringing in her ears, her hands seemed to work independently, snapping up the remaining pieces of the picture. The rest of the table, even the half-empty glass of water on the sideboard was there in the picture. Incredible! The dark blue and black areas of the picture made up the night outside her patio windows. The last piece clicked into place and she stood wide-eyed, surveying the finished puzzle.

It was only after several seconds that she noticed …

– Errol Lai King (St John’s College)


It contains news of these ex-English Alivers:

Ken Barris (English Alive editor 1993), Jerome Damon (English Alive assistant editor 1995–2004, 2007–), Shaun de Waal (English Alive contributor 1981, Hyde Park High School), Justin Fox (English Alive contributor 1984–5, South African College High School), Allan Kolski Horwitz (English Alive contributor 1969, Herzlia High School), Karen Jeynes (English Alive contributor 1995, 1997, Westerford High School), Shaun Johnson (English Alive contributor 1976, Hyde Park High School), David Lan (English Alive contributor 1967–9, Westerford High School), Robin Malan (English Alive founding assistant editor 1967–70, editor 1995–2004, 2007–), Nokuthula Mazibuko (English Alive assistant editor 1995–2004, 2007–), Helen Moffett (English Alive contributor 1978, Hottentots Holland High School), Martin Plaut (English Alive contributor 1967, Cape Town High School), Henrietta Rose-Innes (English Alive contributor 1985–9, Westerford High School), Henk Rossouw (English Alive contributor 1995, Milnerton High School).


Price: R45