Launch of English Alive 2020 - English Alive
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Launch of English Alive 2020

English Alive Launch 2020

Launch of English Alive 2020

In light of covid-19, 2020 saw the first virtual launch of English Alive. Though we certainly missed the intimacy of our traditional in-person launches, for the first time we were able to invite learners, teachers and parents from around the country to join us as we celebrated the young writers who are published in this year’s edition. As always, some of the writers seized the opportunity to read their pieces – showcasing the array of topics and pieces in the collection.

Emmanuel Abiodun, founder of the English Alive Poetry Slam, was our guest speaker on the night and shared some inspiring words around the role that literature plays in his life. He also showcased the top entries from this year’s inaugural English Alive Poetry Slam which was hosted via social media.

This year’s edition is the 54th edition of English Alive. It was edited by Twanji Kalula, with the assistance of Chelsea van Lieshout and Neiloe Whitehead. English Alive 2020 features 66 pieces of poetry and prose from 42 schools in Southern Africa. It features front-cover artwork by Michelo Mutale (St John’s College) and back-cover artwork by Hisham Price (Westerford High School).