'English Alive' & The Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018 - English Alive
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‘English Alive’ & The Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018

Nadia Davis and John Keevy

‘English Alive’ & The Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018

WOW!, WOW!, WOW! etc. three more times, up to six WOW!s

In January we told you that two ex-English Alivers received numerous nominations at the 2018 Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards. The results are in are in, and we are thrilled:

~ First, Jon Keevy (English Alive contributor 2000, Bishops Diocesan College) wins the Best Theatre Production for Children and Young People for ‘The Underground Library’. Beeeeg¬†Congratulations!

~ Then, Nadia Davids (English Alive contributor 1993-4, 1996, St Cyprian’s School) goes on to win FIVE – yes, FIVE – Awards for her play ‘What Remains’: Best Lighting Design for Wilhelm Disbergen, Best New South African Script for Nadia Davids, Best Director for Jay Pather, Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Play for Faniswa Yisa, Best Performance by an Ensemble. What an achievement! Not sure that that’s ever happened before at a Fleur du Cap. Huuuuuuuuuuge¬†Congratulations!

How proud should ‘English Alive’ feel today!